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Seat Protector (RECARO SPJ/Evo 5/Evo 6)

Seat Protector (RECARO SPJ/Evo 5/Evo 6)

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Protect your RECARO seats from unwanted scuffs and rips. Comes in a set for driver and passenger side. Each set includes:

1) Protector for waist/hip bolsters x 2 (i.e 1 x Driver & 1 x Passenger)

2) Protector for outer thigh bolsters x 2 (i.e. 1 x Driver & 1 x Passenger). NOTE: Does not include inner thigh bolster protector (refer to pictures)

Suitable for RECARO SPJ seats. Commonly found in Mitsubishi Evo 5 and Evo 6, Honda Civic EP3R, Honda Accord Euro CL7R. Also suits USDM RECARO Evo 8.

Available in Black or Red colour. Select from option. 

*Seats not included

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